Course notes

This course is delivered via a series of white label videos from the expert company WordPress101 along with accompanying notes from my own WordPress developer Zac Toff.

I felt that the videos alone might not be enough, so I asked Zac if he could imagine that his Sister or Mum had bought the course and whether they would understand the videos or if they would need a bit more information!

Not all of the videos in the following lessons come with notes and tips – if none were needed then Zac didn’t write any!

I recommend that you watch each video lesson before reviewing any of the accompanying notes as they will make more sense and, like reading a recipe, it’s a good idea to go through the course all the way to the end before going back to the beginning and setting up your site.

Some of the videos contain a fair amount of information and cover quite a lot of ground. Don’t be shy to pause, rewind and review anything you haven’t fully understood, and make sure you watch to the end of the course if you feel you’ve missed, or haven’t understood something because many features or functions mentioned early on in the course are covered later on.

Throughout this course you will see or hear the terms Front-end and Back-end. The term Front-end refers to what visitors see when visiting the site, and what you see when previewing a Post or a Page as if you were a visitor.

The Back-end is what you see when you’re logged in to the Admin area of you site.

Resources section

At the end of this course you’ll find a Resources section with more info on Domain Names and Hosting along with some advice on what to look for when choosing a Plugin and Theme. You’ll also find instructions on how to manually install WordPress on your own server or, if you’re technically minded, how to do this via an automated script.


If you have any support questions or want to pay for additional support, you can contact Zac directly. His details are on the Contact page which is also in the Resources section at the end of the course.